The Extraordinary Experience

Contemporary Entertainment with an Old World Character!

1859, September the 27th, 11:11 PM CTS

Good evening. I am the one called Medavelvan, sitting here at my black-walnut desk in the Secret Arts library, dressed in my finest adventurer’s attire, as a precautionary measure should anything unexpected happen at random: by God, I will be ready!

I have crafted this beautifully hand-written letter with the quill-feather of a black swan; I then translated the letter into electrical impulses using a slightly modified, automatic telegraph key provided by the Magnetic Telegraph Company.

After improvising some clever electrical jiggery, I transmitted the letter as an “electric telegram” through the wireless signal of the entire  Wardenclyffe World-Network, using the forward time-stream to hurl this electric telegram centuries into the future! Technology! Marvelous, isn’t it?

Nevermind the complex technical logistics – the important thing is that you have just received the most important electric telegram in the history of mankind!

It is of utmost importance that you immediately inform the public of our intention to lead an expedition into The Carrington Rift!

On October the 1st in the Year 2015, our intrepid company of professional adventurers, academicians & savants of the Secret Arts will cross the barrier plain to explore the vast, unknown expanse of The Carrington Rift to explore the mysterious continent beyond!

Every night at 11:11 PM, we will attempt to send broadcast from our encampment each night, with this signal, as we make our progress through the Rift in order to document & preserve our discoveries on the Wardenclyffe World-Net for the intellectual enjoyment of the general public.

To provide the best chance of our expedition’s success, we are dispatching requests into the future to the descendants of family & close friends of Secret Arts members to attend our nightly broadcasts, as often as is convenient, or to share our nightly broadcast links at 11:00pm each night to inform the public of our broadcasts beginning on October 1st.

The convince of the Wardenclyffe World Network allows easy access to our nightly broadcasts through the World-Net Channels of Youtube, Twitch, Hitbox, and more networks to be announced soon!


EXPLORE countless undiscovered continents beyond the Rift~ (Play & review video games, movies & other extraordinary entertainment media!)

TRAVEL upon roads not built by human hands!(Watch our in-depth special reports of the best randomly-generated & procedurally-generated games!)

DOCUMENT our travels via Temporal Visual Telegraphs on the World-Net! (Watch our broadcasts LIVE on &

ENCOUNTER magnificent, intelligent peoples of new & future civilizations~ (Interview extraordinary gamers & interesting people from all over the world!)

DEFEND our company from terrible beasts that roam uncharted continents! (Outfit our team with the best costumes & fighting apparatus for our show!)


The Extraordinary Experience is a new idea steeped in the best parts of old-world, multicultural philosophies such as Chivalry, Kung-Fu, Feng Shui, Honor, Charisma and other similar disciplines recommended to improve one’s experience of life. In the show, the Extraordinary Experience a social model that has taken hold in the popular culture of the parallel time-line. It is the crux that drives the young adventurer to enter the Rift, to learn secrets of time & space, and to change history with the actions they take.

While written as fiction, this magnificent phenomenon is present in our reality: within every great work of art- everyone who has experienced it knows what it is. We discover it in our favorite games, we see in our favorite movies, hear it in our favorite music.

The Extraordinary Experience is all of the reasons we continue to play games we’ve completed years ago, watch movies we’ve seen a dozen times,  and listen to music we know by heart.

The Extraordinary Experience promotes a virtual code of honor for gamers. We endeavor to enhance the gaming experience of all gamers through an unlimited Code of chivalry, honor, and personal grace in all games we play. We will provide help to new players, support the underdog team, and play with heart even against great odds, to promote a spirit of adventure and teamwork – Honor in Victory – Grace in Defeat.

More importantly, Extra XP will promote support of fundraisers for indie gamers and other good causes world-wide to evoke the spirit of the Extraordinary Experience into the real world:

-Play With Heart
-Win With Honor
-Support the Underdog
-Master Your Character

Imagine Good Dreams True.

60/55 101/57 – 40.56′51.3 72/53′53.5

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